Baby Toys

Babies are precious little beings and the utmost care needs to be taken when choosing items that are going to be close to our precious ones.

Materials & Textures

Baby toys are made of the softest materials available so as not to hurt the soft skin of babies on contact. While manufacturing soft toys care is taken to see that the fibers from the soft toy do not irritate the eyes, throat or nasal passages of the baby. For plastic toys due care is taken to see that virgin plastic is used. Babies are prone to putting almost everything they handle in their mouth. Hence, care is taken to see that the materials used do not contain carcinogens that may harm the baby if accidentally ingested.

Sounds & Colors

No one can stay unmoved at the happy gurgling sound that babies make when they spot bright colored toys that make those cute tinkling sounds. It is a great joy for the parents when they see toys evince such spontaneous response from the baby.

Teething woes

Baby rattlers and soothers are also effective to calm an agitated baby especially when the baby is teething. These when cooled in the refrigerator are especially soothing for a baby's gums.

Bathing fun

Bath toys are a lot of fun in the tub for the baby in order to distract him when he is averse to being soaped.